Author: Manoose47

Warsword Conquest

Warsword Conquest is a total conversion fantasy mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. It features 17 playable factions and 1000’s of unique models.. & cow mounts.

Episode 39 – Bulletproof Street Cleaning Masquerade Simulator

This week aims to be our spookiest yet. We got vampires, alien monsters, other peoples gross garbage and 50 cent hiself!

Episode 38 – Man yells at dog

Episode 38 sees us “spill the beans” on Arkham Asylum and Blitzkrieg. Afterwards we discuss Mass Effect 2’s famous Reaper research dilemma.

Episode 35 Big Cash Value Pack

This week, we talk Cossacks and Temple of Elemental evil. THEN we brings out a whole lotta trash talk about video game cheating. You sad, leprous philistines.

Episode 34 The Pirates of BabeORama Cove

Episode 34 features our look at The Pirates of Black Cove and Fallout 2, We finish with a discussion on the cynical inclusion of crafting in modern games

Episode 33 – Fester’s No Remorse

Episode 33 is here! Gross feet, Adams Family massacres and crusading with no remorse. Supreme Commander 2 features and Adnan “tackles” Gaelic games football

Episode 29

Episode 29 is here; Adnan experiences the majesty of Dungeon Keeper 2 whilst manny delves into Stellaris and.. NRA varmint hunter. Adnan weighs in on the coolest kid in school; Overwatch.

Episode 28

Episode 28 is here, shit games ahoy! Naughty Bear, Legendary, Galactic Hitman, then there’s Way of the Samurai 4.. which is definitely not a pro rape game

Episode 25

Episode 25 is in the house! We discuss the mysterious Serpent in the Staglands, the stale-ass Final Fantasy XIII and the painful abundance of survival games. This episode may or may not have been endorsed by Sylvester Stallone.

Hard West

Hard West is a wild west, turn based strategy game with just a sprinkle of black magic, but is it a fistful of dynamite, or a mouthful of cow shite?

Episode 24

Episode 24 features our top insights on the terrific Pong Toss and Aquaman: battle for atlantis. Afterwards we delve into Battle Chess and Seven Kingdoms.

Spellforce 2

Spellforce 2 is a giant, sprawling Roleplaying / Real time strategy game with neon knights and near-naked nymphs. But is it a great success or a hot mess?