Author: Reyce

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Retro Game Review

Kali-Ma! 1985’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was on my plate this week and it’s one of those games that’s advanced and behind at the same time…

Super Nintend-Art – Street Hockey 95

Sometimes amidst absolute glory is some horrendous lurker who enjoys debasing a good thing. The cover for Street Hockey 95 is one such thing. Watch now.

Die By The Sword – Retro Game Review

I would absolutely recommend you try Die by the Sword. I feel it’s something everyone who games should experience. It’s important. I just don’t know why.

Super Nintend-Art – Secret Of Mana

The Secret of Mana’s box art is a prime example of narrative and art going hand in hand… I think. Watch the Super Nintend-art episode here.

Final Fantasy IX – Retro Game Review

Final Fantasy IX is kinda gross in its art direction but underneath that gross layer is one of the better Final Fantasy stories. Read the full review here.

5 Reasons You Should Like No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game about traversing through space to find similar planets and has crafting… but find out why you should play it here.

Alien Storm – Retro Game Review

In an age of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe you might’ve overlooked another absolute Sega gem: Alien Storm. Read the review here.

Super Nintend-Art – Sunset Riders

In our fourth episode of Super Nintend-art we’ll be looking at the side-scrolling, action and Western video game Sunset Riders. Watch it here.

Total Recall – Retro Game Review

If you enjoyed the cerebral action flick that was Total Recall then you’ll likely hate the 1991 platforming game of the same name. Read the review.

Skitchin’ – Retro Game Review

Take skating and hitching, mix them together, sprinkle a dash of violence and you get Skitchin’. Road Rash with skates, Read the review here.

Super Nintend-Art – Super Castlevania IV

Our third episode of Super Nintend-Art takes a look at the side-scrolling RPG, Super Castlevania IV with highlights that include Skeleton Warriors and more

International Track & Field – Retro Game Review

Do you want to do Olympic stuff? Or just ruin your hands? With the two finger blister, a byproduct of International Track & Field, you can do both.