Author: Reyce

5 Reasons You Should Like Spacebase DF-9

Spacebase DF-9 was one of the highest profile games to highlight a major issue with crowd funding and early access combined. Buying now is worth it though.

Car Builder – Retro Game Review

Have you ever wanted to build your own car or do you just want to make a car that consists of funny shapes? Car Builder is your answer. Read the review

Super Nintend-Art – Super Double Dragon

Super Double Dragon has some super box art. Let’s highlight just why modern triple A titles need to restore the glorious tradition of exceptional artistry.

Front Mission – Retro Review

I was never a ‘Mech’ person but I can’t help the allure of Front Mission’s shoulder mounted rocket launchers or fisting another robot in the face.

Pokémon (Red/Blue) – Retro Review

Before Pokémon Go completely took over the world another ‘mobile’ game took over a large portion of the world’s imagination. Spoiler: It was also Pokémon

Super Nintend-Art – Contra III

Your pal Reyce will be bringing back some of that SNES flair exploring the box art of classic SNES titles like the action packed Contra 3.

Suikoden – Retro Review

Suikoden, despite sounding like some weird Asian cartoon fetish is actually a JRPG which launched 3 well renowned sequels. But is it worth playing?

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – Retro Review

Guess what Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is about? Wrong! You don’t fight dragons as Bruce Lee unlike we both just thought right now. I am sad. You?

5 Reasons You Should Like Omerta: City of Gangsters

Be a probation era gangster in Omerta: City of Gangsters? Yes, please! Yet something, somewhere seems to have gone wrong? Let’s fix that.

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf – Retro Review

In Desert Strike you are helicopter Rambo and you need to ruin some sweet nukes before they pepper your favourite thing. SPOILER ALERT: It’s freedom!

Constructor – Retro Review

Constructor is an outrageous caricature of what I can only assume is the life of a property developer somewhere in the UK. Filled with shit but worth it.

5 Reasons You Should Like This Is Football (2005)

This Is Football (2005) probably had the most blatantly false title for a football game at the time. It did however have one brilliant feature…