Author: Adnan

Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Adnan gives us his predictions for a Survivor Serie PPV that doesn’t actually have that much riding on it. Except the IC and Cruiserweight matches.

Walking Simulators – A Trope Phrase

Adnan talks about how much he dislikes people who use the phrase “walking simulator” and how the phrase itself is becoming a meme at this point.

Episode 44 Hell Of War Dawn of Yeah

On this week’s episode of the Cooldown Podcast, the guys get into a heated debate about resolutions in games before they do the usual segments.

Broadside Review – Civilization VI

Adnan becomes the King of Durdling in Civilization VI as he tries to gain Science and Culture victories knowing he can’t fight with his weak military or his shit tactics.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 – Review

Adnan’s review of Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is here. Can his character keep up with the intensity of Goku and his friends? Can he save the timelines?

Best Bits of Hell in a Cell 2016

If you’re looking for the rundown of the Best Bits of Hell in a Cell 2016 then we’ve got you covered. Drink it in maaaan!

WWE Hell in a Cell – Predictions

Adnan gives us his Hell in a Cell predictions for this Sunday. Can he get the full points and the satisfaction of pride that comes with it?

Broadside Review – FIFA 17 The Journey

Developer: EA Canada Publisher: EA Sports Platform: PC Release Date: 29-09-2016 I love football (soccer for some of you) and…

Episode 42 Goblin Dick Omen

This week’s episode consists of Legacy of Kain, Mount and Blade as well as Enviro-bear 2000. Join the mess won’t you?

Best Bits of No Mercy

Adnan gives us his Best Bits of No Mercy and lays out some of his rationale behind his choices. Would you agree with him or is he talking crap?

Episode 41 Goliath Gods Home Improvement

This week Adnan and Manny defend some absolute howlers while trying to imagine themselves as top, top Premiership football players….

Broadside Review The Legend of Korra

Adnan reviews The Legend Of Korra video game for the Broadside Review. Does the game hold up to the standards of Platinum games? Let’s find out!