Hell in a Cell happened last night and a few of the matches were brilliant even though the crowd in Boston were a load of mongs at times. Well done shouty man who yelled “Get a haircut hippie” at The Brian Kendrick. There was also a fascination with tables among the crowd as well and it glaringly proved to everyone that, at least in Boston, the tables are more over than Roman Reigns. What I’m saying is that Boston needs to up their game next time a show rolls around.

Before we kick off with the Best Bits of the night let’s take a look at how I did in the predictions. I’ve checked and it seems that I forgot to add the Dana Brook vs Bayley match to my predictions so that’s an automatic fail and zero points for me in that one.

Enzo & Cass VS Gallows & Anderson – 0 points – Picked Enzo & Cass to win.

The New Day VS Cesaro & Sheamus – 5 points (finish was bullshit like all New Day PPV matches).

TJP VS Brian Kendrick – 0 points – picked TJP to win.

Roman Reigns VS Rusev – 5 points – picked Reigns to win.

Sasha Banks VS Charlotte – 0 points – picked Sasha to win.

Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins – 5 points – picked KO to win.


Kendrick Pretending To Be Hurt



Brian Kendrick pretending to be hurt at Hell in a Cell

I really liked this bit because it’s such a Heel move. Good finish!

What I liked about Kendrick pretending he’s hurt is that it’s one of those classic bullshit stunts that Heels do when they want to get more heat. Like taking a jab at the local sports team or telling the crowd that the suck and they should feel bad. It was even better because it got him the victory as well. The only way it could have been better is if he pulled off an Eddie heel win.

Cesaro and Sheamus Backstage Promo
Cesaro and Sheamus having a laugh Backstage

“Remember all the times your wallet happened to be in the trunk when we hit the Toll Booths?” – Brilliant!

I am really enjoying the banter between Sheamus and Cesaro whenever they’re together. Even during the entrances to their matches they just try and one-up each other. It’s fantastic and wonderfully entertaining. It doesn’t hurt that they’re ballers in the ring either. The Best Bit of the promo was Cesaro calling Sheamus cheap by saying he’d magically lose his wallet whenever they hit a toll booth. Wonderful stuff.

Charlotte and Sasha’s Entrances
Sasha's Entrance at Hell in a Cell

Nothing’s more legit than getting a lift in a Cadillac SUV

Charlotte's Entrance at Hell in a Cell

Bow down to the Bow down to the Queen!

I absolutely adored Sasha’s and Charlotte’s entrances because they were true to their characters. Charlotte came in on a throne carried by four men while Sasha came in with bodyguards surrounding her while she was in a Cadillac. Maybe they should have left the entrances as normal because now they can’t use them at Wrestlemania. That’s a bit of a nitpick but it was wonderful.

Charlotte Powerbombing Sasha Through Announce Table
Charlotte wrecking Sasha's Day

The bounce Sasha got off the table was unreal!

Best Bit of Charlotte’s and Sasha’s match was right at the beginning when Charlotte Powerbombed Sasha through the table. The amount of force that she hit the table with was ridiculous. Not only that but Sasha was selling the shit out of it like it was the only thing putting food on her table. She bounced off the table so hard that it made me wince when it happened.

Rusev Doing the Chain Accolade on Roman
Rusev Putting a Chain Accolade on Roman


There’s no doubt in my mind that Vince’s only bit of advice to Rusev before the match was to make Roman look strong, however, that may have backfired because the match ended up making Rusev look strong. The man put Roman into an Accolade using a chain. It was excellent because it seemed like that was going to be the finish and I would have lost even more points. Just look at how brutal that looks. Obviously, wrestling is fake but at the very least the chain makes this version of the Accolade look fairly painful. It was, for me anyway, the Best Bit of Hell in a Cell.

There you have it folks, the Best Bits of Hell in a Cell. The PPV itself was good, definitely not a good as Backlash was but better than Night of Champions. If I had to pick a match of the night though it would be between KO & Rollins or Roman & Rusev. If you’ve got the Network then I would highly recommend you go watch the PPV because it was a good show despite what all the smarks on the internet would have you believe. If only so you can see the unveiling of the Ass Crack of Jericho which led to my personal favourite moment of the night:

The Ass Crack of Jericho!

So proud of my reply to that!