Roadblock: End of the Line is over now so it’s time to give you the Best Bits of the night but first we must check to see if I got a perfect score in my predictions. If you want to see my reasoning for the predictions you can do so by checking out my Roadblock predictions article from a few days ago. As is the tradition I get five points for each correct prediction and only shame for the incorrect ones.

Big Cass vs Rusev – 0 pts.
The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro – 5 pts.
Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick – 5 pts.
Sami Zayn vs Braun Stroman – 5 pts.
Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho – 5 pts.
Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair – 5 pts.
Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns – 5 pts.
TOTAL – 30/35 – whoooo

Roadblock not Cockblock. Come on Big E, get your head in the game!

Blast! I bet against Rusev and lost so no perfect score this time around but I was so close. This may be the Best Bit of Roadblock right there. I thought the show was solid. The only time I got kind of bored was during the Cruiserweight match but that’s because the WWE hasn’t given me a reason to care. I like Kendrick and the way in which he won the title off Perkins previously but that’s about it. No one else was given a story. The other match where I found myself looking elsewhere was the Rollins/Jericho match mainly because the whole feud can be encapsulated in one word: Brrrt!


Scrappy-Dappy Doo!

Number 1 – Graves calling Enzo “Scrappy-Doo”

It made me giggle so it totally counts. Sometimes it’s just a word or sentence that the commentator says that seem really funny at the time. Scrappy-Doo just really fits Enzo’s character! #GravesTheNewJR

Number 2 – The Rusev/Big Cass finish

Rusev is a right dick and therefore a total bro. The way Rusev and Lana have formed a massive heel team is great because she messes with Enzo upsetting Cass in the process which distracts him long enough for the referee to count him out. It was a great heel finish and I’m really upset I didn’t go with Rusev for this match because I’d be sitting on a perfect score right now.

Big Cass hitting Rusev with his forearm

Cass Machka!

Number 3 – Sheamus and Cesaro Team Entrance

I like the way that they did their entrance at Roadblock. Back to Back so Cesaro can do his at the same time that Sheamus is doing his entrance. Simple but effective. Well done because this team are the best part of the Raw Tag Team division at the moment which is why they’re also the tag champions.

Number 4 – The New Day/Sheamus and Cesaro Finish

I really like that Cesaro didn’t actually let Sheamus tag him in so he could distract Kofi when he ran. Cesaro wasn’t the legal man so when Kofi went for the pin the ref just stood there like “I don’t know what you expect from me, he’s not the legal man, oh shit Sheamus has pinned Kofi better count it!” It was a great finish and by far the match of the night in my opinion.


I am the pale white Storm in the night…that ruins everything!

Number 5 – Kofi Tries to Come Up With a Name for Sheamus/Cesaro Team

“Shameful Swingers”, “Swing Low Swiss Chariot” and my personal favourite ” The Fellaship of the Swing”. I thought this bit was great and holy hell can Xavier Woods sing. The whole bit was glorious!

Number 6 – Crazy Uppercuts by Cesaro

He just threw Kofi into the air and popped him with an amazing looking uppercut. I’m not sure if it was that effective but it looked great. The other Best Bit of the night in the same vein as this one was the time Cesaro did the middle-rope, spinning, corkscrew uppercut. Jumped off the rope spun in mid air and landed what looked like a pretty vicious elbow to Big E.

Number 7 – Sheamus Only Want Gold

Cesaro and The New Day embraced as the titles were being handed over to the new champions and Sheamus, like a true bastard, just rips the titles off the New Day and heads to the corner to celebrate. It was great and it made laugh because that’s exactly the character of Sheamus. He’s a guy who ruins everything.

Neville turn heel by attacking TJ Perkins and Rich Swann

Number 8 – Neville Heel Turn

Oh hey, Neville is also part of the Raw roster. I totally forgot. Thanks, WWE! While I think it’s great for his character the fact is that he won’t get story time on Raw for it. It’ll mostly be on the 205 show on the WWE Network which means that no one’s going to watch it and that at PPV’s no one will give a damn about the Cruiserweight matches. It’s a shame because Neville, in my totally humble opinion, should have been the first Cruiserweight Champion and the Cruiserweight Classic should have been a tournament to see who’s the number one contender to face Neville. It was a great moment on the night but it’s a shame he won’t be given a character or story to develop. Thanks, WWE!


Das Best Bit – Jericho and Owens Backstage Segment

I loved the backstage segment of Jericho and Owens because it shows just how desperate Owens is to get Chris on his side. Owens knows that he needs him to help him out in the title match against Roman Reigns and tries his best to appease him by giving him a gift. It is the holiday season and what’s the one gift that Jericho can appreciate? A holiday scarf of course! Owens opens up the present and gives it Jericho who proceeds to unceremoniously throw it back at Owens. It was just a great segment. This was the highlight of the night and while there was still a couple of matches left they had no real memorable moment that stood out.

Everything in the main event and the Ironman match was bog standard WWE stuff and nothing really of note jumped at me. That’s it for the Best Bits of Roadblock: End of the Line. It was a solid show like I said and the one thing that will always be true is that Chris Jericho is the GOAT! Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be!