Well, that certainly was a PPV! I was expecting a shit show from Survivor Series and I’ll admit it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There were a few questionable moments sure but this is WWE so questionable moments are assured, however, overall the PPV was great and definitely better than Hell in a Cell. Before we start the Best Bits let’s see how my predictions did.

The Brian Kendrick(C) vs Kalisto – Kalisto to win – Zero Points

The Miz(C) vs Sami Zayn – Zayn to win – Zero Points

Tag Team Elimination – Raw to win – Five Points

Women’s Elimination Match – Smackdown to win – Zero Points

Men’s Elimination Match – Raw to win – Zero Points

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg – Lesnar to win – Zero Points

Total: 5/30 – Garbage Daaay!

Nikki Getting Attacked Backstage
Nikki Bella

Sure is Nikki!

I love when people get attacked backstage and there’s a whole “mystery” behind who did it. It worked well with Stone Cold back in the day and when he came back there was a great storyline behind it even if it ended with Rikishi saying “I did it for you Rock”. When Nikki was attacked there was a genuine “huh” from me because you didn’t know if she was attacked by a RAW superstar or a Smackdown one. I initially thought it was Charlotte because she’s a massive dickhead, which is great by the way, but when you think about it that’s when you start forming other theories.┬áIn the case of Carmela, she could have done it in spite even if it cost the team because she hates Nikki so much and Natalya could have done it because she wanted to be on the team instead of being the captain. It was great!

Double Suplex by Nia Jax
Nia Jax Pin

I’m getting sick of these motherfucking jobbers on my motherfucking show!

Nia Jax is great at times especially when she’s squashing jobbers but the fact is that she needs a proper feud with one of the main card superstars to be a credible threat these days and no disrespect but Alicia Fox is not one of them. That’s why it was so important for her to look dominant in the Women’s match before getting eliminated and the double suplex she pulled off on Becky and Alexa looked so great. We knew she’s capable of things like that but knowing and seeing are two very different things and yeah she looked a right monster in that match. You know, before she tapped out to Becky’s finisher. Oh well, c’est la vie!

The Miz vs Sami Zayn Finish
Sami Zayn vs The Miz

Do a flip! Sami was all to happy to oblige.

It’s always great when The Miz starts a yes chant to mess with Daniel Bryan. The dropkicks and the yes kicks were just the tip of the iceberg in this match it would seem because that finish at the end was marvellous. Maryse ringing the timekeeper’s bell in order to make Zayn think Miz had tapped and then Miz rolling up Sami from behind to get the victory was superb. Well done Maryse for bringing back the Heel managers!

Ellsworth Keeping Braun Stroman Out of the Ring
Ellsworth picked up by Stroman

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
Yup, that’s me. Bet you’re wondering how I got here?

This was a thing of beauty and the only way that Braun could effectively be eliminated from the match without making him look weak. Ellsworth grabbing Stroman’s legs as he hid under the ring in order to get Braun out of the match was inspired booking by WWE. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. It gave Ellsworth something meaningful to do and got him more over with the crowd who were all in on Smackdown by the way. Easily one of the Best Bits of the night.

Ellsworth Getting Thrown Through a Table
Braun Stroman

Stroman Big. Stroman Crush. Stroman pick up little Ellsworth and mess up table with puny man!

I wanted to put this up here because when Ellsworth was thrown by Braun it looked unreal. I thought he botched it for a moment and was expecting Ellsworth to just disintegrate once he hit the table that’s how good this was.

Shane using Rollins’ Knee as a Weapon
Shane McMahon

I have to do another elbow drop for a ridiculous spot?…

When this moment happened all I could think of was Nelson Muntz shouting “stop hitting yourself” over and over again. How this came about was that Seth went to kick Shane with his left leg but Shane managed to grab hold of it with one arm and then using his other free hand took Rollins’ head and kept smacking it off Seth’s knee. It caused Cole to say “Shane using Rollins’ Knee as a weapon” and that sentence had me rolling laughing. The sheer absurdity of the situation was so good and it paid off because it was one of the Best Bits of Survivor Series.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania

Ha! Remember how bad Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar was!

The Goldberg/Lesnar finish is more of an honourable mention rather than a Best Bit moment mostly because I have no idea how I feel about the finish. I’m upset that it was so short but considering what we got back at Wrestlemania between the two I’d say it was probably better that it ended so quickly. It does kind of diminish Taker’s streak now because Lesnar was The Conqueror of the Streak up until Sunday but after getting destroyed with two spears and a Jackhammer suplex it ruins the aura surrounding him and The Undertaker, kind of. I don’t know man, this whole PPV was a lot of “huh” moments and most of them not the good kind.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and whether Goldberg winning was a good thing or not the fact is that that specific moment has us all speculating what the hell is going to happen next with the two men. Do they start a part-time feud between them? Like, is it a case that 6 times out of the year they get together to talk about how much they hate each other? What kind of rub is Goldberg going to get from the man who beat the Taker’s streak at Wrestlemania? Does WWE even care? Who knows?