Crypt of the NecroDancer was released sometime last year (2015) and everyone was raving about it. It fell below my radar when it came out because of its core game mechanic. I’m not one to play any rhythm based game let alone a dungeon crawler like NecroDancer. The great thing about this specific show is it takes me out of my comfort zone to explore all sorts of games and I must say I quite enjoyed the game. Parts of the game are rad like how each weapon has different ranges and different modes of operation. Some things like spell or dagger you can use by pressing a combination of the arrow keys. The arrow keys, as far as I can tell, are the only buttons you use to play the game. It’s a very bold move by the devs to do that considering that there’s not a lot of combinations that you can potentially use. Other parts of the game I can see getting very frustrating considering my own impatience sometimes. If you die on the level you basically start again. Not only that but your inventory resets as well meaning you’ve lost all the loot acquired while playing through the level. This, for me personally, is a downside to the game. I can see myself rage quitting the game often purely because I haven’t got the patience to keep trucking on until I finish the level. For some, however, it’s a good thing. A bonus if I may.

The version in the video is the Collector’s Edition so there may be modes in this version that show up that aren’t in the base game. NecroDancer has a pretty novel concept. Move the character to the beat of the song playing to get coin multipliers for more gold. I love Gooooooooold! There are plenty of game modes in the game like local multiplayer which sounds great and there’s also Dance Pad Mode which is easy according to the game. Oh how wrong you are my friend. You can see all the modes below.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Lobby


The other feature I quite like the idea of is the ability to use your own songs in the game. So you can load an Iron Maiden or Thin Lizzy album into the game and play the game to the beat of each song. Then load in a death metal album for supreme hardcore mode. For obvious reasons I didn’t explore this feature in the video.(YouTube ContentID for the beginners). It is something I am intrigued mostly because I want to find out which song I’ll start hating because of this game. If you like what you see in the video then I highly recommend picking it up. NecroDancer has been around long enough that the Collector’s Edition is fairly cheap so you’ve no excuse. That is if you’ve got the freshest moves ever seen? Well, do ya?