Ori and the Blind Forest is a wonderfully animated and designed platformer with a fairly simple core game mechanic. You control Ori, a fairy-like creature that is tasked to bring light back into a dying forest. The atmospheric soundtrack only adds to the mysticism of the game as well as a lot of it sombre undertones. The jumping aspects of the game are very solid as well as the combat even if limited at the beginning but expands as you unlock more abilities and skills. As Ori your objective is to go through different areas of the forest, defeat the monsters hanging around, collect keystones and waystones to bring back the light to the forest. Keystones open the gates while the way stones are used to show you more of the map. Most of the map is hidden by “Fog of War” similar to how Age of Empires and that whole genre of games used it. This means that when you get to a fork in the road you don’t know which is the correct way to go which is pretty cool. It encourages exploration and this is epitomised by the plentiful of secret orbs and power-ups you can collect throughout the world. Very beautiful and artistically masterful platformer with some really challenging platform puzzles. Not to challenging so far but you do need to stay on your toes especially when climbing the walls. Wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone and I would encourage you to pick it up soon.