Welcome to Star Wars Week!

We begin our week of all things Star Wars with an old favourite of mine and possibly the greatest Star Wars game to date: Battlefront 2. We kick things off with the main campaign of the game. It’s a story about┬áthe 501st and their journey from crushing the Separatist troops alongside the Jedi to consolidating the galaxy under the thumb of the Empire.

The legend of the 501st is a story fondly remembered by those who played Battlefront 2 but mostly forgot by the generations of today. The impact and influence they had for the Republic was immeasurable.┬áTheir impact in battle sent shock waves as they conquered, going from planet to planet rooting out the Separatists’ foolish rebellion against the Republic.. From the crucible that was Geonosis to the suicidal missions of Kashyyyk the 501st were there for every major battle, every skirmish and their legacy echoes throughout the galaxy.

We now take a look at said legacy.