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Episode 54 Saints Row, Samurai Jack, Pokemon And WWE

The guys discuss this week’s news stories, including the new Samurai Jack series and a new show on Netflix that’s generating more salt than the mines.

Episode 53 – We’ve Made a Few Changes

A new episode brings with it some new changes. The lads do a quick-fire round of news and the games they played that week.

Episode 52 – Gothic is Trash

Time for another episode which means we continue our attempts to defend some choice games along with what games we’re looking forward to this year.

Episode 51 The Golden Pants

Have you ever heard the story of the Golden Pants? No? Well, hold on to your pants(?).

Episode 50 End of Year Special

As always we defend some choice games, talk about the games we’ve played and for this week we give you our Game of the Year. Manny’s one will shock you

Episode 48 Japan’s Dragon World Cup Of Dogma

This week we bring you quite possibly the greatest game to ever grace our show. What’s in store on the show? Great things!

Episode 44 Hell Of War Dawn of Yeah

On this week’s episode of the Cooldown Podcast, the guys get into a heated debate about resolutions in games before they do the usual segments.

Episode 42 Goblin Dick Omen

This week’s episode consists of Legacy of Kain, Mount and Blade as well as Enviro-bear 2000. Join the mess won’t you?

Episode 41 Goliath Gods Home Improvement

This week Adnan and Manny defend some absolute howlers while trying to imagine themselves as top, top Premiership football players….

Episode 40 Sprung Animal Shadows of Torment

Adnan defends Animal Soccer World which is as amazing as it sounds and Manny defends a dating sim called Sprung. It’s the Cooldown Podcast!

Episode 39 – Bulletproof Street Cleaning Masquerade Simulator

This week aims to be our spookiest yet. We got vampires, alien monsters, other peoples gross garbage and 50 cent hiself!

Episode 38 – Man yells at dog

Episode 38 sees us “spill the beans” on Arkham Asylum and Blitzkrieg. Afterwards we discuss Mass Effect 2’s famous Reaper research dilemma.