This week on the show Adnan yells at a dog and then the lads talk about video games. Yells at a dog just might be a euphemism.

In Defense Of:

Adnan defends Goldeneye: Rogue Agent which has all the sexing up of women and many an explosive barrel factory. Manny then defends, based on a not-so-true story, Stalin vs Martians. Space Commies all up in here!

Shameful Play:

Manny dons the cowl of the Dark Knight in Batman Arkham Asylum which has a lot of gargoyle statues. I mean they’re everywhere. As it turns out, Batman has a hilariously easy time picking apart musclebound thugs. I’m starting to think I could take up this super hero shit in real life.

Adnan then talks about the WW2 RTS that is Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg sounds like an older but equally wonderful Company of Heroes game. Ah World War 2, where would we be without it?

End Topic:

The lads put on their philosopher’s hats and try to answer one simple question. What would you do if you found Reaper research that could help you defeat the Reapers in Mass Effect? The catch is that the Reapers experimented and killed humans in terrifically gross ways to get it! Also here’s some real life reaper research for ya. Happy reading.

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