Episode 39 has arrived! We are proud to present to you our spookiest episode to date! Get ready for Vampires, Ghouls, H.P Lovecraft, 50 Cent and Street Cleaning! *gasp*

In Defense Of

Adnan defends 50 Cent Bulletproof, a story about a secret agent man who uses his solo rap career as cover. Manny defends Street Cleaning Simulator where you fight crime as well as grime!

Shameful Play

Adnan talks about his experience in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. An incredibly in-depth RPG that has you play as a vampire, looking to move up in the standings with the Camarilla. As with all Troika games, it’s initial release was a bug riddled mess yet a total masterclass in RPG writing.

Manny then shares his thoughts on Penumbra Black Plague a horror game set in the world of by the same crew behind Amnesia Dark Descent. It’s a hot mess of horror tropes,¬†Hellraiser, The Thing, Aliens and even Silent Hill’s foul influence can be seen seeping into the mix.


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