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Podcast Episode 37 – Duke Garfield Of No Man’s York

Manny is back from York, no not New York, which means the lads are back to defending terrible games and shamefully playing others.

Episode 36 – The Most Special of Guests

This week we have a special guest on to talk about the Dublin City Comic Con as well as all the video games on display.

Episode 35 Big Cash Value Pack

This week, we talk Cossacks and Temple of Elemental evil. THEN we brings out a whole lotta trash talk about video game cheating. You sad, leprous philistines.

Episode 34 The Pirates of BabeORama Cove

Episode 34 features our look at The Pirates of Black Cove and Fallout 2, We finish with a discussion on the cynical inclusion of crafting in modern games

Episode 33 – Fester’s No Remorse

Episode 33 is here! Gross feet, Adams Family massacres and crusading with no remorse. Supreme Commander 2 features and Adnan “tackles” Gaelic games football

Episode 32 – Barbie’s Dreamhouse Party of Horror

Episode 32 of the Cooldown Podcast is here and with it new stories of great video games and some not so great but that’s par the course around here.

Episode 31 – King of the Crusading BMX

Episode 31 is live and the guys have plenty more games to defend, review and ruin this week as well as a choice topic for them to rant over.

Episode 30 Befriend Smurfs, The American Way

It’s a special, super long, 4th of July episode of the Cooldown Podcast this week. Episode 30 includes actual research and journalism. That’s right, we’ve kicked it up a notch this time around.

Episode 29

Episode 29 is here; Adnan experiences the majesty of Dungeon Keeper 2 whilst manny delves into Stellaris and.. NRA varmint hunter. Adnan weighs in on the coolest kid in school; Overwatch.

Episode 28

Episode 28 is here, shit games ahoy! Naughty Bear, Legendary, Galactic Hitman, then there’s Way of the Samurai 4.. which is definitely not a pro rape game

Episode 27

Adnan and Manny are back this week to give their opinions on E3 and play terrible games.

Episode 26 – Zomboid Baby Moses Fallout

In this weeks episode Adnan is joined by Ross as they talk about Project Zomboid, Fallout 4 and they defend some terrible games as well. This is the week that Adnan finally breaks.