We’ve seen in the past that sometimes a game is crippled by its initial launch containing bugs and other issues which frustrate the shit out of expectant gamers. PC ports in particular are privy to such problems. Sadly for Sega, Binary Domain, just so happens to be a perfect example of this with almost impossible to use (if you’re too lazy to use Google) mouse aiming and various key re-bindings with non-official controllers for all those cheap pricks.


A few patches later and the true brilliance of Binary Domain began to shine through, and I genuinely mean that. Sega hit this one out of the park and I’m really glad they took time out from raping the corpse of Sonic the Hedgehog and his indifferent pals to make something fresh with actual passion behind it. However the taint of the initial mediocre reviews have clung to Binary Domain like flies hanging around an unwashed manse even after the cleaning crew have done it’s job.



You get to play as a standard beefcake…. see, its not far removed from what you are already playing… probably… uh… yeah… captions eh?


With an average score of 68 on Metacritic and a more ‘respectable’ (you know how I feel about games ratings by now) 7.8 user rating – pretty good you might say. However hidden within this we have some quality user reviews as you’ve all come to expect. Nagi gave it 2/10 saying the following and more:

Storyline is as if written by grade schoolers, controls scheme is haphazard and over the place at best, control itself feels wooden, graphics are mediocre…

Now he does go on to spoil some of the good stuff I’ve listed below so I had to cut that short, still remember 2/10! Nevermind awarded it a 3/10 and had this to say:

A terrible console port that would be otherwise nothing special anyway. Finishing this game would be painful,and I do not want to dull my gaming abilities by playing more of this. Everytime I see those people struggling in “your favourite online fps” I can’t help wonder if games like these destroyed their common sense.

Fair, right? Well not quite, I made a point to take these reviews post patches when Binary Domain had addressed a lot of the port problems so many of these comments on the initial plague of bugs should have been fixed a year or two before these guys and gals played the game! I mean, Steam patches that shit for you so you don’t have to do anything.


So, I ask you dear friends, to lift up your mouse, prepare you bandwidth, clear a few hours from your day and spread the bliss that comes with being a Reycist by giving Binary Domain some of said hours and allow it to make a place on your digital shelf. Here are my 5 reasons on why you should play Binary Domain…


1. It’s a reminder of days gone by.

Remember awesome cartoons from the 90s? Shows like Bots Master or Skeleton Warriors are my childhood. The sheer grit of the excellence captured on screen is truly present in Binary Domain. The characters could be a direct rip from any of these glorious time capsules. It’s like an 80s action movie but as with these cartoons the enemies are replaced by robots allowing you to slowly strip their life away in a horrible manner just without the blood. Which brings me to my next point…


2. Its brutally violent minus the gore



Okay so maybe a little bloody…


“Jesus fuck!”


Look blood and guts does not necessarily equate to violence and that could not be more prevalent in the aforementioned cartoons of old. Binary Domain seems to totally understand this concept and goes a step further. Instead of the single stop shots and punishing individual blows an enemy might take in any other game, here, you plaster the enemy scrap-heads over and over watching as they are slowly shredded, shrugging metal with every bullet. Blow off legs and arms and watch them continue towards you determined to defeat their human opponent. And another thing…


3. It’s got a great setting and concept

You can’t quite beat fighting through futuristic Japan wreaking havoc on the city while engaged in skirmishes with robotic platoons… I mean come on! Sure the whole AI thing has been done over and over but who cares, Binary Domain is enjoyable enough in everything else it does that you don’t really care all that much, especially when you begin to fight the larger mechs.



You got this…

The camera swings to and fro to set these sequences up and gives you a flawless sense of scale to your gun fights. It’s the type of game that’s enjoyable even for a friend to watch, which hopefully they won’t have to because…


4. It’s got a Co-Op mode.

As I mentioned in my review of Orion: Prelude, Co-Op is where its at. Its a bit like the Kinder Bueno of the gaming world; you forget about them most of the time but when you have one, it’s outstanding even if it often doesn’t last all that long. Fighting through the hordes with a friend is always a welcome addition and in Binary Domain’s case it also removes the need for the incredibly shit and optional voice controls that I can’t imagine anyone actually uses especially when the control scheme actually requires you pressing identical buttons to make the voice prompts.



Now imagine you and your friend shredding some scrap-heads!


5. You can pick it up for €2.50

A guilty gaming column would never be complete without mentioning how cheap you can pick up the title for and after a quick search of Cheapshark I can tell you that this rather sexy video game has gone on sale for as low as €2.50. This is normally were I’d compare this to something retarded you might buy everyday or tell you that it’s cheaper than your lunch and you have to buy it (yes, that was me) but fuck that, this game is excellent and you should just buy it. Do it now!


Playtime Per Euro:

€1 / 4-5 hours