There was a point in time when the whole gaming community and internet collectively gathered together to churn the ever sought after hype engine to maximum, and it occurred right after Dead Island hit gaming sites with this absolute beauty of a trailer:



The whole world removed their pants in unison in preparation for the spaff-fest the above seemingly heralded to them. But quite like the family in the trailer, shit was about to hit the fan for their wet dream as it was quickly coming to an end.


Dead Island arrived to a mix of results; mostly enjoyed by critics and mostly hated by potential fans. The game did not appear to play as the trailer suggested. The video clip that made the rounds suggested a new, personal take on the never-ending stream of Zombie Apocalypses that we gamers get thrown at us weekly, and unfortunately for Techland the product that was delivered was more in the vein of an arcade-like RPG which I personally thought there was room for in the Zombie space… back then. As it stands the game currently has a 6.8 score for the Metacritic user reviews.



Who does your Voodoo bitch?


Trueboy3rd had the following to say about his experiences on the fictional Indonesian island of Banoi…

“The game was absolutely terrible. I have to say this is first boring game I have ever played that put me to sleep…literally.

The combat is so tedious and the game has way to many bugs that it feels unplayable. Boring fetch quests, forgettable story and bland characters, there is nothing positive I can point out in this game to give it a higher score than a 0.”

Another Metacritic user, battlejesus, took it to the Chinese, who I personally think are a great bunch of lads

“What an absolute POS. Chinese must have developed this crap. What a waste of $50 bucks. It’s so amazing that this is even offered on Steam that I’m going to stop buying games there.”

I’m willing to bet battlejesus has not stopped using Steam unless he doesn’t want to play games anymore.


Unlike the above two critics, I personally think Dead Island is worth a shot. It’s not the best built game nor does it break down walls but it does have quite a bit going for it. And so without further ado, here are my 5 reasons why you should play Dead Island.


1. It has a unique perspective

Barring 2009’s Mirror’s Edge, very few games in 2011 – and even now – have ventured into first person perspectives without the shooter aspects to focus on. They’re still present in Dead Island but they largely take a back seat to the physical and close quartered melee combat that takes centre stage. It adds a freshness to the title and though it doesn’t always help while playing the game, it let’s you experience the vivid landscape around…



Definitely more exciting than my last sunny holiday


2. It’s damn pretty!

Before you mention the current collectibles on offer for Dead Island: Riptide I want to clarify that I don’t mean in the sexy way, I literally mean the setting is lovely. Banoi (the ‘Island’ from the title Dead Island) is lush, gorgeous and interesting to explore for the most part. Have you ever been on a Pacific, Mediterranean or Caribbean  holiday resort? If not, play this and you will have experienced pretty much all of them except with 80% more Zombies and 50% less alcohol.


3. The RPG elements work

Long ago are the days of RPGs being RPGs. Stats, attributes, skills etc. are half-baked into every variety of game these days and they often play exactly as you might expect; like shit. Dead Island was one of those rare games where these elements did actually work out pretty well. The game plays like Borderlands in that you become a hoarder and grab all sorts of shite but its coupled nicely with the leveling and stat system allowing you to feel the progression as you play on.



The quest system is not one such element


4. It’s got Co-op

Ding, ding, ding! This is where the money is at for Dead Island. The island, despite it’s beauty, can often feel… well… dead (I’m not even sorry) so it helps that you can drag a friend along to play through some Zombie genocide. Hell, why not bring along 3 friends as the game allows up to 4 players at the same time ripping through the shambling masses with all the finesse of the Mountain from Game of Thrones as he (SPOILER) ruins the Red Vipers skull. I love it.


5. You can get it for about €3

A quick check on informed me that you can pick this up for the same price as that sandwich you’re eating… you’re not eating a sandwich? Well you should go make one! If you think like this might be your thing spring for the GOTY edition (despite the hate, it was) and get the DLCs included for about as low as €5. I’d recommend spending €12 and getting one for 3 friends and then spend a weekend bashing some skulls and drinking tequilas. Oh and playing the game too.


Playtime Per Euro:

€3 / 3 hours