Every now and then you come across a video game that you find yourself completely absorbed in, spending hours upon hours inside a fictional world doing fictional things as a fictional character. Driv3r (or Driver 3) was one such game for me. So you can imagine my surprise when I came across it on Metacritic’s “these are shit” list. It felt like an old friend of mine had been stabbed to death (or bitten by a snake… Eh?! EH!?) and I only heard about it years later.


Driv3r has a rating of 40/100 on Metacritic. Given how bollocks games ratings are (I really need to do an article on this) that’s the equivalent of saying that this game will give you brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time and unlike Lance Armstrong, Driv3r was not laced with all sorts of performance enhancing drugs.



40/100 AKA Cancer


Despite my last two guilty gaming’s, I genuinely feel that Driv3r is firstly good and secondly has been jipped by fearful GTA fans who thought it might be getting too close to stealing their prize jewel that’s so well embedded into gaming culture that it will never be knocked from it’s highly held place. Hell, that series survived GTA IV, it could survive anything after that. Right cousin?


Let’s take a look at the some of the majestic user reviews for Driv3r. DonnieY gave it a 2/10 and carefully wrote this compelling review:

“A shame”

Gamer4life gave a crappy 0/10 saying;

“Wow, this game’s recipe is: Take a load of crap, mix in a load of crap, and finally sprinkle it with..you guessed it, crap.”

Crap seemed to be a trend as
kanefriessner continued on with

“It is only a joke I think! The graphics are extremely bad. The controlling is much worse. The main menu is a big crap. The whole game is very boring. It’s a big bull crap, don’t buy it.”


The chances of you having played a Driver game are probably pretty high given the success of the first two titles but by the same token that’s potentially one of the conditions why you might not have played this one. The previous titles are strictly driving games though Driver 2, featuring a 3D world, the ability to get of your car and enter others, etc. lead to GTA entering the golden era for the PS2 and Xbox which in turn lead to Reflections Software throwing out a GTA like sequel in Driv3r. Coming out around the same time as San Andreas it’s no wonder a lot of butts where hurt. Either way, here are my 5 reasons you should play Driv3r…

1. It’s got 3 hugely detailed and massive maps

Let me tell you something about  the graphical details of Driv3r… It’s got graphical schizophrenia. In areas it looks lovely and other areas it looks mank. Thankfully most of those lovely areas are the 3 exceptionally crafted and beautifully designed maps. Miami, Nice and Istanbul are all incredibly detailed and expertly rendered with tons of finer touches.



Be the 5-O

2. The car damage is rad

Car damage has been in plenty of games before Driv3r but rarely has it looked so wrecked. Which is great. The damage corresponds perfectly to what your car has been through. At the time of its release the damage system was far beyond all other titles. Even San Andreas couldn’t come close to the system in place here which helped carry home the cinematic approach to Driv3r which is highly appropriate because…

3. It has a director mode

Fap, fap, fap…
Oh sorry, I was too busy ruining my junk to the sheer joy of the inclusion of a directors mode. If up weighed up my game time between regular play and just making movies it would be an even 50/50 split and only because it could take me a few runs of decent play to get footage worth using. Every free roaming action game should strive to include this absolute fap nugget! If you ignore all other reasons, this glorious one, is the most important of all.

Check out “vamps” at the back

Fuck it, you know what? You don’t need five reasons to play Driv3r. You just need this one as the next two were probably going to be related. There you have it, 3 reasons in one! This feature is fucking is gold so get digging.
Also good luck finding this game legally to purchase. Not even Atari list on their own site for sale… idiots.

Playtime Per Euro:

€0?? / 6 hours