Licensing a name from a browser MMORPG is an usual opening to making a game that’s completely separated to the license you’ve obtained in every aspect but theme. And yet here we are with Omerta: City of Gangsters a game that was condemned for being desperately mediocre. Luckily your best buddy Reyce is here to give you some incentive to see through the hate and give it a go.



In case building a criminal empire wasn’t reason enough


As is the format of Guilty Gaming, Omerta is a game in need of a morale boost as it sits at an undesirable 54 on Metacritic at present. CarpGames gave it a 0/10 and concluded their rating with…

In short, this is an absolute turd. Don’t even touch it if it’s free. Use your bandwidth for something more interesting and challenging, such as watching foreign language infomercials for cleaning products based on lemon juice that shift even the toughest stains without damaging the environment or representing a hazard to children and animals.

Foreign language infomercials, at least in Ireland, are actually really difficult to come by. Lordpeste also awarded a hefty 0/10 and stated…

It’s the worst game in some years, the problem are in the play method by turns because this method is very boring

Try tell that to anyone who likes XCOM, Fallout or Civ.


Hush now, good citizens as I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t fall victim to the destructive ratings from aggregation and give Omerta: City of Gangsters a chance to make some space in your life.


1. It’s about probation gangsters

Remember all those gangsters games you’ve played previously; Mafia, Gangsters, er… Mafia 2 and ugh… Gangsters 2? You see my point, the setting is completely untapped and wide open for more Gangsterising goodness. Not many other titles give us the ability to be the illegal height of cool.



…and it’s got Squigs. Hurrah for Squigs!


2. You can build a super crime squad

Speaking of cool, what’s cooler than assembling a squad of consummate crime professionals to do your bidding? Very little, my friend which is why you have to give props to Omerta for letting you do so. Have you Tommy-Gun toting chums at the back and the dirty shankers at the front.


3. It’s XCOM but with gangsters

Once you get into the combat you quickly learn that it all plays out in a turn based manner letting you work in some tactics to your crime spree. The system plays out like a slightly less refined XCOM but it’s still pretty enjoyable and as mentioned before gangsters!



“Where’s all the aliens boss?”


4. It’s got co-op! …and other modes.

You probably know by now but a Co-Op feature will always sneak it’s way into this list so you should always be expecting it, even when it’s not expected. The developer has also included competitive multiplayer modes and a sandbox mode so you can live out the probation gangster dream for as long as you like or can handle before you buckle from the guilt of your conscious.



It’s only missing ‘Get Rated Better’ mode


5. You can pick it up for the price of a breakfast roll

The lowest Omerta has hit on any sale was €2.99 but I’m sure it’ll drop beyond in the coming years. Even as is though that’s pretty cheap for a decent taste of being a gangster, not as tasty as the aforementioned breakfast roll which is highly likely to taste deadly. Eh… Yeah… Gangsters.


Playtime Per Euro:

€3 / 2 hour