I used to think nostalgia tinted games beyond any sort of retrospective criticism but having played Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith for the PS2, I realize now that any who thinks that is a complete moron. I remember renting episode III when it was first released, which feels like a bizarre statement to make in this day and age, and thinking “this is exactly what I wanted from a Star Wars game”. To some extent this is true and in fairness episode III delivers on all those things I wanted – more on that later. But that nostalgia based diamond is buried underneath layers of nostalgia blocked crap.



Or use the force to press start


As always with Guilty Gaming, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith was torn apart on its release. Jake gave it 1/10 and simply stated:

“Huge dissapointment.”

This masterfully worded statement was followed up by KobeB giving it 2/10 and recalled Jake’s review;

“Yo homie i agree wit Jake, Dis game was a Dissapointment 4 sure homie. Da only reason i kept playin was 4 Da Movie Clips….. Ya kno wat im sayin ?”

Word KobeB, word…

JackDaniels (probably not the whisky) questioned the whole franchise giving this 1/10 and asking:

“What where star wars think? This game is short repetivtive and boring, but has a few good cut scenes. That’s why i gave it 1 instead of 0!”


Personally the prequels killed off any midichlorians left in my blood. The games, if anything, strengthened the prequels like a R2 unit single handedly holding up a Hutt on his adaptable, tool filled, round head.



“I know! We’ll make everything CG. It’s super believable.” – George Lucas


The real question for this article has become what was it I wanted from a Star Wars game and do I believe these reasons are strong enough in the force for you to play it. The answer, and the reason this article exists,  is a resounding yes. And so, here are my 5 reasons you should play Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith…


1. It’s like Streets of Rage but Star Wars



We got this!


“Like” is the keyword here before you all gang up on me for pissing in your corn flakes. It’s not the same and it’s not nearly as good but it is trying which is something for a genre which hasn’t really tried much (remember Fighting Force on the PS1?) and before you go giving me a Yoda quote about the futility of the word ‘try’ I’m aware and I don’t care. You get to run around hacking the shit out of anything that comes your way with a lightsaber moving from one scene to the next. Sold!


2. It’s got great/bad cutscenes

The cutscenes range from incredibly well directed and filled with plot and action to bizarrely typical and boring rehashes of established Star Wars quotes or straight rips on other movies that are so bad they’re kind of good. Exhibit A…



Which one you get is a bit of a lucky dip but needless to say when they get them right they really nail it.


3. It’s got co-op

Huzzah co-op! This is something that should be in practically every game. Ever. When a game features it so proudly it’s always going to make the list and with Episode III it adds so much more enjoyment to playing through the campaign. Use your friend to force push and hold droids while you slice them in half laughing maniacally while you do it.



What is this versus mode you speak of?


4. It’s got a versus mode

By in far the weirdest edition to Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith is the inclusion of a straight up beat em up style versus mode. You get to choose from characters you’ve unlocked through playing through the storyline and the characters include a range of playable Jedi and Sith including Darth Vader and Mace Windu. It’s clunky and often very imprecise yet strangely compelling and fun! Unlike the first Street Fighter.


5. You can get it for about 5 euro

Normally a PS2 game would and easily could get lost to time remaining exclusive to a console that’s still engrained into the furniture of most homes yet blissfully ignored by almost all. With Episode III, it lives on in the form of a classic title on the PlayStation network. You can grab it now on sale for 5 euro which is worth it just to see this unusual and compelling title.


Playtime Per Euro:

€2.50 / 1 hours