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Best Bits of No Mercy

Adnan gives us his Best Bits of No Mercy and lays out some of his rationale behind his choices. Would you agree with him or is he talking crap?

Die By The Sword – Retro Game Review

I would absolutely recommend you try Die by the Sword. I feel it’s something everyone who games should experience. It’s important. I just don’t know why.

Episode 41 Goliath Gods Home Improvement

This week Adnan and Manny defend some absolute howlers while trying to imagine themselves as top, top Premiership football players….

Broadside Review The Legend of Korra

Adnan reviews The Legend Of Korra video game for the Broadside Review. Does the game hold up to the standards of Platinum games? Let’s find out!

Super Nintend-Art – Secret Of Mana

The Secret of Mana’s box art is a prime example of narrative and art going hand in hand… I think. Watch the Super Nintend-art episode here.

Final Fantasy IX – Retro Game Review

Final Fantasy IX is kinda gross in its art direction but underneath that gross layer is one of the better Final Fantasy stories. Read the full review here.

Episode 40 Sprung Animal Shadows of Torment

Adnan defends Animal Soccer World which is as amazing as it sounds and Manny defends a dating sim called Sprung. It’s the Cooldown Podcast!

Best Bits of Clash of Champions

Adnan runs through the results of his card predictions, his thoughts and then gives us the Best Bits of Clash of Champions.

WWE Clash of Champions Predictions

Adnan goes through the card for Clash of Champions and gives us his predictions for the matches. Do you guys think Owens will retain?

5 Reasons You Should Like No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game about traversing through space to find similar planets and has crafting… but find out why you should play it here.

Broadside Review – Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Adnan takes on the half demon of Dante and his companions in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. What makes it special? Mostly the T and A!

5 Games I Think Manny Should Play

We’ve all recommended games to friends over the years. This time, Adnan recommends games for Manny to play.