We’ve all got games that we think are amazing but our mates aren’t as excited about them as we are. There have been plenty of times where we might have recommended the game to them and they’ve snubbed them instantly just because it’s a genre of games they might not like. Not all FPS games are COD just like not all JRPG’s are like Final Fantasy. Alas, this falls on deaf ears and the only thing it does is it makes me sad.

I’m not one to give up easily which is why I’ve made this list of 5 games that Manny should play. For those of you that don’t know his taste in video¬†games, he prefers old school western RPG games that have loads of “freedom”. If you like freedom so much Manny why don’t you move to ‘Murica? They’ve got shit loads of¬†freedom over there! Freedom and guns! I digress, however. Obviously, he’s played other genres but always compares them to his most coveted freedom games. Today I’m hoping this list at least peaks his interest. I will admit some of these are on the list for my own amusement because I’d love to see his reaction to them but others I believe he would genuinely enjoy. Can you guess which ones are which?


Number 5 – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Really any modern Pokemon game would fit the bill but if Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are any indication of just how better the Pokemon games are getting then Sun and Moon should be fucking rad! The problem is Manny won’t acknowledge any Pokemon past the original 151 which is like saying that only the first Toy Story movie is amazing. Clearly, the third one is the epitome of modern cinema, you shit! The same can be said for the Pokemon games. Alpha Sapphire to me is probably the best Pokemon game going but like I said the new ones should eclipse that which is why I think he should play Pokemon Sun and or Moon!

Number 4 – Blood Bowl 2
Blood Bowl 2

Bah Gawd all mighty he’s broken in half!

Set in the Warhammer universe (Manny being a Warhammer fan) Blood Bowl 2 is about creating your own rugby/American football team made up of elves, amazons, dwarfs and all sorts of Warhammer creatures and races. Then using that team to murder the opposition players and if you have the time or inclination to score a touchdown. Your players get points for injuring and maiming the other team so killing them is a viable game plan. This is right up Manny’s wheelhouse and the fact that dead is dead in this game it adds that much tension to every match. Seriously mate play this fucking game! How have you not done it yet?!

Number 3 – Final Fantasy XIII

Best Game! 5/7

Quite possibly the greatest Final Fantasy game to come out of Square Enix’s vast studios, FF XIII has you control a party of diverse character in order to stop the ultimate evil in the universe. Incredible game design, impeccable writing and with so many amazing characters as well as interesting ones, this game is hands down the epitome of modern game design. It’s so fucking legit. So is this recommendation.

Number 2 – Human: Fall Flat
Human Fall Flat

It’s essentially single player Gang Beasts but way more fun than it sounds!

There isn’t anyone I know that thinks Gang Beasts is a crap game. If they did then clearly our friendship would end instantly. Now take the physics of Gang Beasts, sprinkle some portal-style comedy and boom, you get Human: Fall Flat. While the game sits comfortably in the puzzle genre it’s the comedy and physics that make this game an A++. With Manny being such a huge fan of ridiculous physics in games this game would be the perfect addition to his repertoire of played games. The only issue is he hates puzzle games but he’ll learn, the uncultured prrrick!

Number 1 – HuniePop

Truly the greatest title screen of our time! Also, you can’t spell title without tit…just saying

While I did just say that he hates puzzle games this game is so dead handy because it’s a match 3 game. Match 3 of the same colour and good things happen. I don’t want to say too much about the game because it’s way too easy to spoil the game but let’s such say that if he’s dedicated enough – and I think he is – then he’ll have no problem unlocking all of the secret characters. The art style is great, the writing is gripping and the characters are riveting human beings.

That’s it for my list if you think there are other games that I missed or that Manny needs to play then let me know on Twitter (Adnantrilby) and if you make a compelling enough argument I may go ahead with an updated list.