So the Steam Sale is a go which means all the games for low low prices but alas no re-implementation of flash sales*. Blast you Valve and your nonsensical ways. I have been particularly critical of Steam on this site, deservedly so, but if there is one thing that can melt even a steel beam-like heart then it is a good old fashion Steam Summer Sale. Ahhh. There have been a lot great games out over the past months that we have covered but these are a fraction compared to how many have actually been released. So I thought I’d do up a list of all the games I really think you should by. As always with this kind of thing your own mileage may vary and this is in no particular order. Also some of the games are pretty rad and worth the money at full price and I will denote which ones they are. Clearly anything above 30 quid I’d recommend you wait until it drops to at least 50% off but without those glorious flash sales** I doubt there’s a point in waiting. Without further ado guys here is the list.

Rocket League

Of course I’m putting this game on this list it’s motherfucking ROCKET LEAGUE! In case you’ve just arrived at the site here and haven’t read all of our articles I’d like to draw your attention to the Rocket League piece I did a while back. Not only is the game incredibly well made and designed but the dev studio add free content to the game all the time through patches. By doing this they are not segregating their community and people can play whatever mod they want. Blast you Hoops, why you gotta be so difficult! Also it’s a football game (soccer) that you play using rocket powered RC cars! How rad is that? It’s got some pretty decent dlc packs as well with the Back to the Future being my favourite. There are others but nothing says awesome like driving a DeLorean and scoring a goal. As of writing the game is 40% off and stands at a reasonable €11.99. You won’t be disappointed by the game even if you pay the full €19.99 for it.

Stardew Valley

As a game that I played on a recommendation by someone else Stardew Valley has cemented its place as one of my favourite games this year. Seemingly coming out of nowhere the game got lots of people hooked with some spending Skyrim amounts of hours on it. This is also one of the rare games I’ve given a 10/10 to. Not because it’s necessarily “better” than other games but because what it does, it does exceptionally. The art is absolutely stunning and puts every other 16-bit game to shame by making them walk down the road with all their most intimate and ugly parts out for the world to see. Then it spits on them for daring to call themselves equals. The game itself is about getting away from city life and trying to start your own farm out in Stardew Valley. It is an isometric game with elements of Minecraft mixed into it with the farming aspect but that’s the only part it borrows from that particular game. If you want more info on the game we have the review riiight here for your reading pleasure. Did I mention you can get a dog named Yogi in this game? Damn skippy! This game currently sits at €11.19 being 20% off from its original €13.99. Not much of a difference, and not likely to change, but at least you save a couple of euro for some other game like Boss Monster. Scratch that, that game is the pants!


Blood Bowl 2

Back in some of the very first episodes of the Cooldown Podcast I talked about Blood Bowl 2. The game is a mix of rugby and American Football set in the Warhammer universe that uses a turn based system to play each match. Your team is comprised of a faction of your choosing e.g Dwarves and you play rugby/American Football with that team. The campaign mode has you managing a Human team comprised of mostly chumps that you upgrade as you win matches. The writing is pretty hilarious with some very tongue-in-cheek moments that had me laughing my ass off. The art is very polished as well as the game play especially the ability to intentionally foul players in the hopes of injuring them. If doing a blatant foul is not your kind of thing then you also have a chance of fouling a player by doing regular tackles. Gloriously however you also have a chance of killing players in a match and because this is Warhammer, dead is dead. If your quarterback is killed in a match he is gone from your squad and you need to hire/recruit a new one. If you don’t find that compelling the game is currently a whopping 60% off sitting at €17.99 down from its normal €44.99. It’s not for everyone so I would suggest picking it up on sale rather than full price. If you know the game is for you then it won’t disappoint even at full price. I mean you get to kill a guy, with your boots! Ehh? Ehhh? It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Lego Batman

HA! Bet you didn’t see that coming. (insert your ma joke/innuendo here). All joking aside this is a brilliant little game that has what so many game lack these days and that is Co-Op campaign mode. Not sure how it would work on Steam though I imagine it’s a case of clicking on a profile and selecting “invite player to join game” like most Steam titles. This game we haven’t actually covered on the site but it is a game I bought for the Xbox 360 a couple of years back and it’s an excellent game. If you like Batman and love watching him beat the crap out of Joker, Croc, Bane et al then boy is this game for you. There is no dialogue in the game which you’d think is a bad idea but the grunts, groan, sound effects and facial reactions do more than any script could in this one. The object of the game is to beat the ever living shit out of bad guys, collect money (some sort of bolt like Lego piece) and collect secret Lego parts to build different things. You can unlock different Batmobiles this way among other things and it is a great little game to play with a friend for a few hours. It is on sale at glorious €4.99, 75% off its original €19.99. It’s a win-win situation here!


Fallout 4

Last but not least we have the ever present Fallout 4. I got this game on launch at full price and even after 8 months I still feel like it’s worth every cent I spent on it. We’ve covered a variety of topics to do with Fallout 4 over the past few months ranging from our own personal experiences to the various DLC and features they have implemented since launch. Head on over to our YouTube channel if you want to see some of what this game has to offer on its highest Survival difficulty. You can also watch the first episode here to get a quick idea. There isn’t much I can say about its setting (without spoilers) other than that the game sets an incredibly apt atmosphere as well as a harsh environment so well made it has me convinced this is what the world’s going to be like when nuclear fallout happens. It’s now a respectable 50% off hovering at €29.99 off its original €59.99.


There you have it. All of the games I currently and always will recommend to people. With the Steam Sale on this is a great opportunity for you guys to pick out some quality games for less. Obviously these are not the only ones but they are the ones I can remember vividly enjoying the most since buying them. Most of these games I can wholeheartedly recommend at full price with the exception of Blood Bowl 2 and Fallout 4. Blood Bowl 2 because it’s a niche game and not many people will be drawn to it and Fallout 4 because €59.99 is a bit much for any game regardless of quality. Many people see price like as a drawback and rightfully so. If you can get it on sale then do because it’s fantastic and like I said even at full price the game is worth every cent. Happy Gaming.

*Bring back flash sales!

** You bastards!

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