Broke or made better ? – Warsword Conquest

Warsword Conquest is a total conversion mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. It takes the core mount and blade experience and dips it into a MASSIVE vat of Warhammer… juice. It changes everything from the factions, to the units to the map itself, all of it becomes Warhammer themed. You can get it here.

The map itself is astounding, the sheer scale of it compared to the original “native” map is unreal, I found myself 8 hours into the game having only encountered 4 player factions. At the time of writing there are 17 distinct factions on the map, that’s a stupid amount of choice. One might find themselves paralyzed at the character creation screen with the thought of having to choose between so many different destinies.

All jokes aside, the character creation has been revamped entirely for each faction, allowing you to pick such colorful backstories as “My father was a brigand of ill repute, and I was a grave-robber by trade”

Warsword Conquest Map

This is as far out as I can zoom, and it’s only a fraction of the map.

Warsword’s factions aren’t typically what one expects to see in mount and blade, you can choose from Vampire counts, Egyptian themed skeleton warriors, giant, psychotic worshipers of Chaos, aggro Orcs, gruff Beastmen, pint-sized Goblins, duplicitous Skaven (ratmen) and many others. Different mod creators have lent their talents over the years to create models of varying qualities for each of the factions. The Chaos models are best expressed in my local parlance: “fucking sexy”


The differing physical statures of the armies plays a big role during battles, I’ve learnt the hard way it’s quite easy to miss vertically challenged opponents while mounted. There were plenty of moments where I swung my sword confidently thinking “I got you bitch” only to miss and find myself on the business end of a goblins spear. Annoying? certainly, fucking brilliant? absolutely.

Billy's gonna get ya

Billy’s gonna get ya

Another core difference is the presence of super units, now you might think your Swadian knights are pretty cool guys, or that your huscarls keep you safe but these guys would get turned to paint by what Warsword has to offer. Some of the units are STUPIDLY powerful. These units are so powerful  that you can’t build them, you must find them or rescue them as prisoners.

Pirate Ogres don't fuck around

Pirate Ogres don’t fuck around

That’s an ogre whose weapon is a cannon, his melee weapon is the anchor off a ship. Don’t fuck with him. So most of the time its very hard to come across these Uber-rapists, and they also cost an absolute fortune, but another change to the game made enterprises wildly profitable, It’s as if your bakery has become a front for Walter White, I clear over 30 grand a week, after tax and that’s without really trying.

For fans of Warhammer lore you’ll get to cross swords or team up with tonnes of famous characters like Malekith, Morathi, Arkhan the Black, Emperor Karl Franz, Mannfred and Vlad Von Carstein etc. there’s not a whole lot you can do with them outside of normal Warband interactions but it’s pretty dope being able to marry into a family of vampires (or Beastmen for all you furries out there.)

See the sights, murder the locals!

See the sights, murder the locals!

Speaking of marriage I was sweet on this Vampire Lord’s daughter and things were going great, right up until she married a Lord who had just recently defected to our faction. A Goblin lord. A fucking Goblin, I lost out on a chick to a goblin, I struck out worse than I ever possibly could have in real life. I guess I feel empowered.

Meat Grinder!

Meat Grinder!

On top of the differing factions and units, Warsword boasts an impressive amount of unique items, weapons, armors and mounts. Nice horse bro, but I think I’ll keep my dinosaur / wolf / unicorn / skeleton-snake / bear / cow * all actual mounts, no really. In terms of weapons and armor there are 1000’s of models, many of which are specially designed for specific factions.  The other thing Warsword boasts in abundance however,  is not so good…

Warsword is buggy as fuck, it’s incredibly laggy and it has a tendency to crash at random. If you get into a battle on a ship, almost all of your men will drown, Lords that defect often bizarrely lose their name. It becomes replaced by a random string of characters, so be prepared to clash swords with Lord “how are you today my lord?“.

Check this guy out, he's doing his own theme music

Check this guy out, he’s doing his own theme music

There’s tonnes of clipping with the variety of unit and building models, and then there’s certain gaps in logic with quest givers. “Hello my lord, can you bring this herd of  8 cows 4,000 miles away, through the mountains of fiery death in 3 days… for 100 denars… and then suck my balls?”.

But… despite all the existing issues, even in it’s busted-ass state I have played Warsword constantly since discovering it. The variety of the world, the constant discovery of new units, items, companions, buildings, unique sieges and the obvious love and effort poured into this mod make it really special.

Bro squad

Here we are now, all the lads.

If you wanna hear more of my experiences with Warsword Conquest, check out episode 42 of our podcast.


Get Warsword Conquest here

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