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Reyce’s Retro Games Reviews are just that; reviews of older video games reviewed by our resident neophile, Reyce. There’s a lost art of video gaming waiting to be found from titles past and reviewing these titles serves as a way to educate players, particularly the younger variety, to these olden, potential gems. Plus it also forces Reyce to play retro games that he has always wanted to try and have been probably on his list of a few decades themselves. It’s a win/win right? From the original shitty Street Fighter to the first Pokémon game there’s plenty to reflect on.


New Reyce’s Retro Reviews can be found every Wednesday on the Cooldown Podcast.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Retro Game Review

Kali-Ma! 1985’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was on my plate this week and it’s one of those games that’s advanced and behind at the same time…

Die By The Sword – Retro Game Review

I would absolutely recommend you try Die by the Sword. I feel it’s something everyone who games should experience. It’s important. I just don’t know why.

Final Fantasy IX – Retro Game Review

Final Fantasy IX is kinda gross in its art direction but underneath that gross layer is one of the better Final Fantasy stories. Read the full review here.

Alien Storm – Retro Game Review

In an age of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe you might’ve overlooked another absolute Sega gem: Alien Storm. Read the review here.

Total Recall – Retro Game Review

If you enjoyed the cerebral action flick that was Total Recall then you’ll likely hate the 1991 platforming game of the same name. Read the review.

Skitchin’ – Retro Game Review

Take skating and hitching, mix them together, sprinkle a dash of violence and you get Skitchin’. Road Rash with skates, Read the review here.

International Track & Field – Retro Game Review

Do you want to do Olympic stuff? Or just ruin your hands? With the two finger blister, a byproduct of International Track & Field, you can do both.

Car Builder – Retro Game Review

Have you ever wanted to build your own car or do you just want to make a car that consists of funny shapes? Car Builder is your answer. Read the review

Front Mission – Retro Review

I was never a ‘Mech’ person but I can’t help the allure of Front Mission’s shoulder mounted rocket launchers or fisting another robot in the face.

Pokémon (Red/Blue) – Retro Review

Before Pokémon Go completely took over the world another ‘mobile’ game took over a large portion of the world’s imagination. Spoiler: It was also Pokémon

Suikoden – Retro Review

Suikoden, despite sounding like some weird Asian cartoon fetish is actually a JRPG which launched 3 well renowned sequels. But is it worth playing?

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – Retro Review

Guess what Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is about? Wrong! You don’t fight dragons as Bruce Lee unlike we both just thought right now. I am sad. You?