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Reyce’s Retro Games Reviews are just that; reviews of older video games reviewed by our resident neophile, Reyce. There’s a lost art of video gaming waiting to be found from titles past and reviewing these titles serves as a way to educate players, particularly the younger variety, to these olden, potential gems. Plus it also forces Reyce to play retro games that he has always wanted to try and have been probably on his list of a few decades themselves. It’s a win/win right? From the original shitty Street Fighter to the first Pokémon game there’s plenty to reflect on.


New Reyce’s Retro Reviews can be found every Wednesday on the Cooldown Podcast.

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf – Retro Review

In Desert Strike you are helicopter Rambo and you need to ruin some sweet nukes before they pepper your favourite thing. SPOILER ALERT: It’s freedom!

Constructor – Retro Review

Constructor is an outrageous caricature of what I can only assume is the life of a property developer somewhere in the UK. Filled with shit but worth it.

Bubble Dizzy – Retro Review

Bubble Dizzy is the fourth or fifth of the 15 or so Dizzy games. Wait, you haven’t heard of Dizzy? Secure that sh!t and start your education here first.

Apollo 18: Mission To The Moon – Retro Review

Apollo 18: Mission To The Moon should’ve been like the actual Apollo 18 mission; cancelled. There’s not much I can say about this game and nothing positive

Command & Conquer – Retro Review

Command & Conquer is easily one of the biggest RTS franchises and it’s earlier titles are considered practically Godly. So am I safe to review it?

International Karate+ – Retro Review

Do you karate? International Karate+ has a plus in it’s name which means it karate’s plus. You can read the full review online here.

Jurassic Park (SNES) – Retro Review

Jurassic Park for the SNES had everything I wanted in a game. Sam Neil, an opportunity to explore Isla Nublar and a shit-ton of classic dinosaurs.

The Oregon Trail: Deluxe – Retro Review

The Oregon Trail is a tough to traverse. Your journey will face by food shortages, snakes, disease and Colin Hanks. Is it worth the trip? Read the review

Star Wars: Dark Forces – Retro Review

Some games deserve a spot in the gaming vaults for bringing something new to the table. Star Wars: Dark Forces does that and then some. Read the review here.

Theme Park World – Retro Review

Hey you! Yes you! Click this link and learn why Theme Park World could make you want to get sick today! Have you clicked it yet?

Sensible World Of Soccer 96-97 – Retro Review

Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 seems trapped in its own legacy like Dracula 2000 and can’t re-invent itself like er.. Dracula: Dead and Lovin’ it…?

Rampage – Retro Review

Smashing stuff is fun, right? Everyone’s doing it and so should you. But what about the police & consequences? Well my friend, that’s what Rampage is for…