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Episode 51 The Golden Pants

Have you ever heard the story of the Golden Pants? No? Well, hold on to your pants(?).

This Week On Cooldown – 25th April to 1st May

Here’s what you missed this week the 25th of April to the 1st of May on the Cooldownpodcast.com. Catch up with all our latest gaming happenings.

Siege of Dragonspear (No Spoilers)

This week, Manny reviews Siege of Dragonspear, steel yourselves; grab your gear, rally your pretend mates and let’s return to the Sword Coast after 17 years.

The Captain’s Log – Wait This Isn’t Fallout

I talk a bit about the Fallout DLC I wanted to cover and how the shameful play of Arcanum combined…

Episode 19

Episode 19 starts with our stellar defense of the praiseworthy Daikatana and The War Z. Then we discuss the Siege of Dragonspear trans outrage.. transrage!