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Episode 54 Saints Row, Samurai Jack, Pokemon And WWE

The guys discuss this week’s news stories, including the new Samurai Jack series and a new show on Netflix that’s generating more salt than the mines.

Episode 50 End of Year Special

As always we defend some choice games, talk about the games we’ve played and for this week we give you our Game of the Year. Manny’s one will shock you

Walking Simulators – A Trope Phrase

Adnan talks about how much he dislikes people who use the phrase “walking simulator” and how the phrase itself is becoming a meme at this point.

Episode 42 Goblin Dick Omen

This week’s episode consists of Legacy of Kain, Mount and Blade as well as Enviro-bear 2000. Join the mess won’t you?

Episode 40 Sprung Animal Shadows of Torment

Adnan defends Animal Soccer World which is as amazing as it sounds and Manny defends a dating sim called Sprung. It’s the Cooldown Podcast!

Podcast Episode 37 – Duke Garfield Of No Man’s York

Manny is back from York, no not New York, which means the lads are back to defending terrible games and shamefully playing others.

Episode 31 – King of the Crusading BMX

Episode 31 is live and the guys have plenty more games to defend, review and ruin this week as well as a choice topic for them to rant over.

Episode 30 Befriend Smurfs, The American Way

It’s a special, super long, 4th of July episode of the Cooldown Podcast this week. Episode 30 includes actual research and journalism. That’s right, we’ve kicked it up a notch this time around.

Episode 27

Adnan and Manny are back this week to give their opinions on E3 and play terrible games.

Episode 25

Episode 25 is in the house! We discuss the mysterious Serpent in the Staglands, the stale-ass Final Fantasy XIII and the painful abundance of survival games. This episode may or may not have been endorsed by Sylvester Stallone.

Episode 24

Episode 24 features our top insights on the terrific Pong Toss and Aquaman: battle for atlantis. Afterwards we delve into Battle Chess and Seven Kingdoms.

Episode 22

Episode 22 continues Star Wars week. We cover Star Wars Rebellion and Star Wars Mysteries of the Sith. Then we discuss shitty digital store antics.