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Episode 54 Saints Row, Samurai Jack, Pokemon And WWE

The guys discuss this week’s news stories, including the new Samurai Jack series and a new show on Netflix that’s generating more salt than the mines.

5 Games I Think Manny Should Play

We’ve all recommended games to friends over the years. This time, Adnan recommends games for Manny to play.

Pokémon (Red/Blue) – Retro Review

Before Pokémon Go completely took over the world another ‘mobile’ game took over a large portion of the world’s imagination. Spoiler: It was also Pokémon

My Pokemon Go Journey So Far

I assume everyone here has heard of a little game called Pokemon GO and the accidents around it. Adnan tells us if he’s yet to fall off a cliff.

Episode 7

In this episode we’re joined by our friend John, who talks about his favourite game; Knights of the Old Republic….

Episode 5

Here we have a slightly more spoileriffic discussion on Fallout 4 and we delve into Pokemon and the classic “Vampire…