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Episode 50 End of Year Special

As always we defend some choice games, talk about the games we’ve played and for this week we give you our Game of the Year. Manny’s one will shock you

My Pokemon Go Journey So Far

I assume everyone here has heard of a little game called Pokemon GO and the accidents around it. Adnan tells us if he’s yet to fall off a cliff.

Pokemon Go – First Impressions Review

Adnan has been playing Pokemon GO for about 3 days straight. He’s also managed to get a few friends hooked on it but how good is it?

The Captain’s Steam Sale Recommendations

We go through a small list of games you should pick up now that the Steam Sale is on. These are The Captain’s recommendations. Your mileage may vary

The Captain’s Log – Chronicles of Elyria

The Captain takes a gander at Chronicles of Elyria, a Kickstarter MMO game that promises lots of great things like permanent deaths and a dynamic everything. Remember all the other WOW killers from eons past? Yeah me neither…

The Captain’s Log – Star Wars Week Roundup and Rant

The Captain talks about all things Star Wars including how wrong people are regarding the Sith and Jedi!

The Captain’s Log – Video Game Publishers

Hello and welcome to The Captain’s Log for this week where I talk about whatever the fuck I want because…

The Captain’s Log – Wait This Isn’t Fallout

I talk a bit about the Fallout DLC I wanted to cover and how the shameful play of Arcanum combined…

Whales and Mobile Gaming

  Whales – Those who spend the most on a single mobile game also make up the majority of its…

The Captain’s Log – Major trends in PC Gaming

During a panel at GDC Geoffrey Zatkin from EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) went through a lot of the…

The Sheer Glee of Rocket League

Rocket League!!!!! We all have that one game that comes along and brings with it unbridled joy and Sheer Glee…

The Captain’s Log 001 – Stealth in Dishonored [Audio]

The Captain’s Audio Log is a brief look at the main game mechanics of that week’s Shameful Play whether it’s…