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Best Bits of Roadblock: End of the Line

Was Roadblock: End of the Line a complete howler of a PPV or was there some genuinely positive aspects to it? Adnan has the Best Bits of Roadblock.

Best Bits of WWE TLC 2016

Adnan brings us the Best Bits of Tables, Ladders and Chairs and sees how the PPV stacks up against Raw or even the weekly Smackdown show.

Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Adnan gives us his predictions for a Survivor Serie PPV that doesn’t actually have that much riding on it. Except the IC and Cruiserweight matches.

Best Bits of Clash of Champions

Adnan runs through the results of his card predictions, his thoughts and then gives us the Best Bits of Clash of Champions.

Best Bits of WWE Backlash

Adnan gives us his hot takes and Best Bits of Smackdown Live’s first ever PPV Backlash. Did Shane O’Mac botch his first PPV or was it amazing?