We hope you enjoyed Star Wars week on Cooldown Podcast and in case you missed it, here’s what might have passed you by throughout the week that’s passed:

Monday: Battlefront 2 Remberance – Captain’s Log

Watch the Captain play through some Battlefront 2 in all it’s glory

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Tuesday: Star Wars: Republic Commando – Review

Manny reviews the decade old FPS and raises the important question, is it blud or dud?

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Wednesday: Star Wars: Dark Forces – Retro Review

Reyce looks at 1995’s FPS Dark Forces much to the Captain’s disdain and his own amusement.

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Thursday: Star Wars: Clone Wars – Republic Heroes – Review

The Captain reviews Republic Heroes based on his love for the animated feature. Does it correlate though?

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Saturday: Episode 22 – The Cooldown Podcast

On this episode, Adnan and Manny discuss Star Wars: Rebellion and Mysteries of the Sith as their Shameful Plays.

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Sunday: Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith – Guilty Gaming

Reyce raises some valid points on.the redeemable features of this PS2 title.

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Don’t forget to stay tuned next week for more of excellent reviews, rants and all-round gaming!