No Man’s Sky is fucking shit innit!

Nah I’m just kidding, the game isn’t shit even if half the internet wants you to believe that. The game, however, isn’t amazing, like the other half of the internet would have you believe.

As a result, the game sits comfortably somewhere in the middle which is why, initially, I didn’t understand what all the butthurt was about.

I want to focus more on the positives in this video because you can find plenty of sources completely destroying the game and exaggerating all of its worst aspects with no hint of irony.

So let’s jump right in then with the exploration aspects of the game. This I feel is the game’s biggest strong point and it seems, at least from my perspective, that this is the aspect the studio focused on the most. Whether that’s bad or good is up to you though I would throw in my two cents by saying a little more time could have been spent on creating more NPC’s you can interact with.

There are a few aliens you can meet on the space stations but I would have liked to see what sort of characters would live on these different planets.

The space exploration is out of this world, pun intended, because I love the first person perspective in a space game. Most space games tend to be RTS games in an isometric or top-down view so you really can’t experience space the way you do in No Man’s Sky.

I flew around a few planets and came across countless meteors that I destroyed for more resources, space stations where I met lots of different looking aliens that sometimes gave me free stuff and of course space.

No Man's Sky Crash Site

So very orange!

When you get into the ship, break out of the atmosphere on the planet you’re on and see the wide space in front you, it’s amazing. It may seem like I’m exaggerating and it’s possible but it’s the feeling I got when I was playing the game. Obviously, that awe-inspiring view gets diminished every time you leave a planet but when you play the game initially that’s what you get.

Space exploration isn’t the only aspect of the game that’s well done so is the aesthetic of the game. The first planet’s colour palette was a cross between Rocket League and Ratchet and Clank, there was just so many colours.

It was a little nauseating at first because it hits you like a tonne of bricks and I was a little overwhelmed. The design of each of the planets I’ve been to has been so vastly different from each other.

One of the planets was a lava planet and that’s the best description you’ll get out of me. It was hot motherfucker that’s all I can say. Then the next planet I visited the atmosphere was acidic. Or was it toxic? Either way, it was a bad idea to stay around for too long and good thing I was able to complete my objective there otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.

The tutorial is also pretty solid even if some things could be explained a little better like why you’re here in the first place. My main issue with the tutorial is that you have no idea it’s the tutorial because it asks you do you want to go out on your own and explore or do the Atlas mode. If you say yes to the free exploration than I have no idea if you can go back and do the tutorial.



The objective of the tutorial is to get to the centre of the universe by upgrading your ship so it can travel there using its hyperdrive. To unlock hyperdrive along with many other things you need to collect resources and this is where some of the game’s weaknesses are exposed.

You can upgrade everything in this game, it seems like. The ship can be equipped with new weapons, more inventory space and hyperdrive among other things. Your Exosuit can be upgraded with more inventory space along with a few other features. I say this as someone who has only upgraded his inventory constantly though not enough according to the game. Your gun also can be upgraded for more ammo, better mining laser as well as the ability to throw, what looks like  some sort of pulse grenade.

That’s all great but that’s not the entire game. There are aspects of the game I don’t entirely like and want some improvement made.

Collecting resources, while initially fairly okay gets a little tedious especially considering the amount that you’d need and the vastness of space needed to travel through to get it. Thamium9 is a perfect example of this as it powers most of the systems you need to survive and travel.

Yousa give meesa credits?

Yousa give meesa credits?

This is then compounded by the fact that you are limited to a very small inventory space and even with upgrades you’ll find yourself in a similar situation while playing the Borderlands series. Which item do I need now and which can I just discard straight away?

You can sell your not needed items on the Galactic Market but you need to find an orbiting space station in order to do so. Leaving a planet in the middle of completing an objective to sell off junk items is not my idea of a good time.

I am aware that for the most part, these points are not new to people but the game’s been out for two weeks and apparently the butthurt has not gone away for some people. Whether it’s the lack of features or the so called lies Hello Games has spouted the one thing I can say for definite is that the game is currently suffering from hype backlash.

No Man’s Sky is not the first nor is it going to be the last game to suffer from this backlash, they’re just the first indie developer to charge 60 dollars for their game.

I stick this plutonium into my engine to make it go WHEEE!

I stick this plutonium into my engine to make it go WHEEE!

This is another “fact” that people tend to bring up when talking about the game and it’s that they shouldn’t have priced the game at 60 dollar/euros because the game isn’t worth it. News flash motherfuckers no game is worth 60 dollars. All games should cap out at 50 max and that’s for a sterling game that gives you a blowjob after you’re done playing it.

My point is that your point about the price is moot so stop using it as a form of verbal attack because at the end of the day you should have waited for a good batch of reviews to come out first instead of pre-ordering the bloody thing.

For that, you only have yourself to blame. I can understand from the devs side why they would want to charge that much, not that I agree or condone it – see the previous point because it must have taken a Herculean effort to get the game to where it is now.

Most people forget in their litany of “they charged too much” that this game was created by a studio whose only previous pedigree was a series of Joe Danger games. Fucking imagine that for a second!

To be able to make the game, as unfinished or unpolished as you may think it is, is unbelievable and an enormous amount of credit needs to go to the devs for getting this game launched. Yes, your points on some of the design aspects are valid though exaggerated but the sheer ability for a studio with really no experience in this kind of thing should be applauded.

The fact that they also got to charge 60 quid, got 170,000 pre-orders before the game even launched and had over 200,000 concurrent players in the first week is absolutely insane. Now I understand that people didn’t get what they expected with No Man’s Sky but when’s the last time you bought a Triple-A title and got exactly what you expected?

Was Watch Dogs exactly how people imagined it? No. What about any of the Assassin’s Creed games? No. Any EA title in recent years? Take a look at the pricing on Battlefront 1 and tell me that’s not worse than No Man’s Sky.

I call my ship, The Velour Fog!

I call my ship, The Velour Fog!

My overall point here is that buying a 60 quid game and being let down by it has become so much the norm these days that the only logical conclusion here is that everyone is upset because it was an indie studio that did it. That has to be it! People are upset that an indie studio, who are always above board I might add *wink wink* *nudge nudge* dared to charge accordingly to what they deemed was the effort they put into this. It just happened to be 60 quid this time around.

If this upsets you then don’t buy a game at full price or pre-order it. Wait until the hype dies down and you get the proper in-depth reviews telling you whether it’s worth it or not.

For me, specifically, the part that above all else lets me down in the game is that it’s not compelling. I’m not drawn to it like I was to One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 or Rocket League when I started playing. There is no “itch” to play the game or to even go exploring. Right now I’m playing the game to record footage for the video supplement and it’s becoming a bit of a chore.

The game isn’t shit, it’s not amazing but the fact that it exists and done by an indie dev has to admired regardless of the pricing. To be able to create something as vast and awe-inspiring is nothing but amazing even if the game falls a bit flat. I can’t wait until they start pumping out potential addons or DLC for the game but until then it’s just mediocre.