It’s that time of the year everybody when the Royal Rumble comes to town and with it some crazy shenanigans! Rumbles have always been great for silly randomness like that time Mick Foley participated three times in the one Rumble because he had three gimmicks at the time. Brilliant stuff! Before we get to the actual Royal Rumble match we need to look at the rest of the card and the possible outcome of those.


Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

I don’t know how she’ll do it but I think Sasha Banks is going to win it. After weeks of torture from Nia, I think come the Rumble that Sasha will ultimately get the win.

The Club vs Sheamus & Cesaro (C)

I like both of these teams so whoever wins I’ll be happy but I hope that Sheamus and Cesaro win the match. I feel like they deserve a good long run with the belts and keeping the title at the Rumble could potentially make this feud even better because I still wanna see Cesaro coming to terms with Sheamus’ cheating during their matches. Only to make them look like strong champions I’m going for Sheamus & Cesaro. Bad beats for The Club still.

6 Woman Tag Match

Who cares. Having tag matches when a good old fashion singles match does the job is stupid! Let’s say…Becky’s team. Done!

Rich Swann (C) vs Neville

I haven’t followed the Cruiserweights at all but I liked Neville while he was still on Raw so I’m going to go with Neville.

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Bayley

She’s the Queen of Pay-per-views so I don’t see Charlotte losing this match anytime soon. If they keep her run going until Wrestlemania and Bayley gets her title opportunity at that pay-per-view then I could see her winning it but not at the Rumble. Flair for the win.

Kevin Owens (C) vs Roman Reigns

I…don’t know… I’m going to go with a shot in the dark and say that Roman Reigns will win the match to become the champion. I do hope Finn shows up after the match and stares down the winner looking to get his title back!

AJ Styles vs John Cena

I think AJ’s winning streak against the “Face That Runs the Place” is coming to an end this Sunday. I don’t think AJ will win the title but he might be trying to get it back at Wrestlemania against the holder then. I think “Big-Match” John will get the win at the Rumble and a possible rematch between the two will happen at Wrestlemania. If AJ wins it at the Rumble I could see Cena looking to match Flair’s record at Wrestlemania but he’s already got a slew of ‘Mania moments so I don’t know if there’s any weight to that prediction. Cena to win it this Sunday. I wonder if Samoa Joe will figure into this feud at all!

So that’s been the rest of the card so all that’s left to talk about is the Royal Rumble match itself. I hope Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Kenny Omega show up at the Rumble. I loved Finn Balor during his run in Raw and a return at the Rumble will have me marking out so hard I may have to change my pants! I loved Angle’s initial run in the WWE because he was just so silly during his run. He loved pissing off the crowds and knew the best way to get a reaction. I hated him because he acted like a prick and even his face runs were great. I hope he shows up at the Rumble.

Who do I think is going to win the Rumble? Finn Balor, looking to get his title back as the rightful unbeaten champion! Regarding Goldberg and Lesnar I don’t actually care about those two. Whatever they do will be great on the night to watch but either of them winning the Rumble would be terrible and slap in the face to the full-time wrestlers. The Undertaker winning the Rumble would also be great but I hope he’s just there to eliminate either Brock or Goldberg.